{waffle madness}


Writing about the yummy waffles in my last post really made me look forward to our Sunday waffle madness! I’m always in charge of making the waffles and my hubby takes care of the rest. Aren’t I spoiled? For a real (Waffle House style) American breakfast, you need scrambled eggs and hash browns. Latter are, […]

{what I love today: very nifty}


I’ve had these Matryoshka measuring cups for a while now; since just a couple weeks after we moved to Germany and I got tired of converting my US recipes to grams and liters (and messing up on some of the conversions and then having to double all the ingredients, only to end up with a […]

{type case project}


I finished my type case project and I love it! It looks great against our grass green kitchen accent wall. Now I just need to gather a few little things to put on the little shelves. I started the project last Saturday and was certain I would get it done by the end of the […]

{origami flower}


Yesterday I went to the art store to get some supplies for my “type case project”. Usually I walk past the overpriced origami paper, but since I had done so so many times already in the past and have been thinking about it every time I enter the store, I decided to go on a […]

{flea market finds}


Today we went to the flea market. A weekly thing my husband and I do to find “new” and affordable things for our apartment. I love going to flea markets and finding good deals. Browsing through the aisles, looking through all the stands, seeing the few things I like, not knowing how much they will […]