{curtain call(ing)}


This past weekend we finally put up some curtains in our bedroom/office. A couple weeks ago my brother and I went to IKEA and I fell in love with their flowery fabric. I didn’t get around to sewing it to the right length until this past weekend though.. Please don’t hate ;) — we had […]

{floral friday #4}


Has it already been a week since the last floral friday?! This week’s featured flower is the crocus. I bought this little beauty in the above animation about 2 weeks ago and documented it’s growth for about a week. You could literally watch it grow! Unfortunately we don’t have a back yard, so anything we grow […]

{free st. patrick’s day printables}


With only about 3 weeks left until St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would celebrate all my 99 followers by having a little freebie download. I designed all the following St. Patrick’s Day cards using Illustrator. They print on letter sized, as well as A4 paper. Just cut along the cutting marks and fold in half. […]

{white vases}


Everything is turning white in our apartment lately. Even old glass bottles and vases aren’t safe around here anymore. I decided to spice them up by painting them white — from the inside. Here’s what I did: What you’ll need: old vases, bottles, jars, … leftover oil paint (if you want to be thrifty) or buy […]

{maybe someone will “like” me}


You may have already noticed the change to my blog — I now have a Facebook “like” button under each post title. Last night I set up Facebook pages for my little {nifty thrifty things} blog. I gave in to what felt like peer pressure (or maybe because I enjoy exploring new things so much.. ;) […]