{free easter printables}


I just wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU to everyone following my blog and thought I would give away a few more self-made printables. Easter is less than a month away! So, let everyone you care about know you’re thinking about them and send them a card! ;) Just download the PDF version of […]

{floral friday #7}


Welcome to another Floral Friday! Yesterday I went to the hardware store and of course couldn’t walk past the plant section.. I totally fell in love with this little guy! A calceolaria, also known as pocketbook flower. Doesn’t it have the coolest looking blossoms? image source A few facts about the calceolaria: Calceolaria in Latin […]

{the scarf with no end(s)}


After seeing those loop scarves here and there in the blogging world, I thought I would give a try as well and went for it a few weeks back. I never got around to taking pictures until today, though. There was no particular pattern I used for this. I started out with a chain of 100 […]

{floral friday #6}


Finally another Floral Friday! ;) I missed having a Floral Friday last week and the colors it brings for the weekend, but I was just too sick to climb the stairs to our 4th story apartment down and especially up again.. For this week’s Floral Friday I picked a pretty Spring flower — the daffodil. I […]

{lucky stars}


Yesterday, my hubby went out of town for the day. He went on a short trip to the Netherlands to meet up with a friend of his from Amsterdam and they met about half way in a small town called Groningen to have some man time. So, since I’m still not back to 100% after being […]