{simple felt iPad sleeve}

A couple months ago (after dreaming about it for about a year) I finally caved in and bought an iPad. I kind of justified the purchase by getting it as a treat for starting a new job and I have to say: I LOVE it! All it needed was a little home to live in […]

{DIY cake stand}

When I found this tart pan (for 50 cents) during our last visit to the flea market, I was instantly reminded by Victorias great tutorial on Vixen Made and it inspired me to make my own cake stand. My mom loved the idea and we got to work right after we carried home our loot. ;) My mom […]

{flea market find: type case}

A couple weeks ago I found this amazing type case at the flea market for a steal! 3€ (about $3.75) to be exact. I just couldn’t say no and already had a plan in mind. I’m in love with those little metal plates that sit on the wooden intersections and the lettering on the bottom of […]

{last-minute christmas tree}

  Christmas is just around the corner and everybody’s busy, trying to get everything ready for the big celebrations. Are you all set yet? If not, I have a nifty, thrifty and quick solution for a Christmas tree for you! ;) My mom put together this one-of-a-kind Christmas tree with things she found around her […]

{china cabinet}

A couple of months ago I found this little 50’s/60’s china cabinet on the local eBay classified. I just couldn’t pass up the 20€ (~ $28)  deal! The hubby and I were on the same page about the style and decided to take on the 80km (~50 miles) road trip to pick it up in […]