{waffles with a twist: waffle drops}


I really, really love these little waffles with a twist! My mom and I found this recipe in a magazine from a local grocery store, that always has the yummiest recipes and we just couldn’t wait to try this one. They’re easy to make and oh-so-easy to eat. ;) I’m partying here! ❤

{free tutorial: diy lunch bag}


This is the product of another fun craft date with my mom. We’ve been meaning to make these cute lunch bags for a while and finally gathered the materials and found the time to do so. I loved working with oilcloth and am already thinking about a new project to incorporate it in. ;) Here’s the tutorial […]

{cute valentine garland}


I have to say, I’m a teeny tiny bit proud of myself. ;) For once, I’m not late to the party (aka Valentine’s Day)! Yay! My mom and I created this cute Valentine’s Day garland during one of our craft dates. It has been sooo long since our last craft date, so it was fun to […]

{diy cupcake stand}


Ever since working on this project, I knew I also wanted to make a tiny version of it; for cupcakes and other little cakes. My mom found these cute little vases and had the tart forms on hand. The rest was quick & easy - just the way I like my projects! ;) What you’ll need: […]

{easy envelope pillow cover}


See this sad-looking couch? It was desperately in need of a little spring update. It definitely needed a pop of color! I looked in several stores but couldn’t find a pillow that I really liked (or wasn’t willing to spend the money), so I decided to buy fabric instead and sew my own. Nifty & Thrifty! My […]