{25 delicious pumpkin recipes}

I’m in looove with pumpkin flavor! After posting the pumpkin waffles recipe last week, I couldn’t help but look for more inspiration on how to use pumpkins in delicious recipes. I can’t wait to work my way through the list! ;) Here are my top 25 pumpkin recipes (in no particular order): {pumpkin pancakes} from p.s. ♡ {pumpkin […]

{raspberry streusel muffins}

Last weekend my 89 year old grandma came to visit from Berlin and even though she can’t walk very well anymore and our apartment is on the 4th floor, she was determined to climb the stairs to see our apartment. Since my mom and brother came over to visit with us and my grandma as well, […]

{nutella goodness}

This makes the best Birthday cake!  Thought I’d share.. ingredients 5 eggs 1 cup (250g) margarine 1 cup (250g) sugar 1 tbsp. vanilla 2 cups (250g) flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1 cup milk 4–5 tbsp. nutella preparation Stir eggs, margarine, sugar and vanilla until creamy. Mix in flour, baking powder and then the milk. Fill half […]