{floral friday}

{floral friday #3}

{floral friday #03}
Welcome to another floral friday!
This week I decided to feature another beautiful and colorful flower — the ranunculus. I paired it with a few branches of willow catkin.
I love the intense colors the ranunculus comes in and how robust, yet delicate, their round heads look with their great amount of petals.
photo via flickriver: ranunculus bouquet
A few facts about the ranunculus:
  • the latin word ranunculus means “little frog”.
  • blooming season is in spring.
  • the ranunculus species, when eaten fresh, is poisonous to cattle and other livestock.
  • their bulbs are cheaper than other bulbs and are very easy to plant.

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    Tricia at Mom is the Only Girl
    Freitag, der 18. Februar 2011 at 13:50

    Stopping by from the blog hop. I love the colors in the photo! Great to see first thing in the morning!

  • Antworten
    Freitag, der 18. Februar 2011 at 14:08

    Those flowers are beautiful. What amazing colors.

  • Antworten
    Freitag, der 18. Februar 2011 at 16:17

    Flowing from Boost My Blog Friday.


  • Antworten
    The Creative Chickadee
    Freitag, der 18. Februar 2011 at 16:54

    found you on Boost My Blog Friday. Love everything floral!! Love all the tid bits on flowers. I am your newest follower.


  • Antworten
    Freitag, der 18. Februar 2011 at 20:07

    Blog hopping and found yours. Am now a follower. I love Ranunculus flowers! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  • Antworten
    Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard}
    Freitag, der 18. Februar 2011 at 21:10

    We must be BFF’s! Our colors match today.


  • Antworten
    {nifty thrifty things}
    Freitag, der 18. Februar 2011 at 21:41

    Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful comments!! You really make my day! Or night.. It’s getting kinda late over here. ;)

  • Antworten
    Samstag, der 19. Februar 2011 at 03:13

    Wow those flowers are amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I’m a new followers of yours from the slumber party.


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    Paula Jo @ Home Decor
    Sonntag, der 20. Februar 2011 at 21:30

    What beautiful flowers, and the colors are so radiant. Thanks for sharing, and I’m learning alot from your posting information for the flower you have posted. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Antworten
    Lyra at Ces't la Vie Events
    Dienstag, der 22. Februar 2011 at 05:54

    what are rananculus, tulips and roses I find to be hands down some of the most sculptural, elegant, and gorgeously colored flowers ever. again, I can’t help but appreciate your bold color choice and the way the orange and yellows pop against it:)

    C’est La Vie Interiors

  • Antworten
    Allison {A Glimpse Inside}
    Dienstag, der 25. März 2014 at 19:45

    I’m a sucker for ranunculus! LOVE THEM!!
    And I haven’t visited in a while and I LOVE your new design! Very pretty!!!

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