{guest post: a mom not a professional nor a perfectionist}

Hello Nifty Thrifty Things readers!
I am absolutely positively beside myself to be guest blogging here today.
I will be sharing with you a few of my favorite projects and recipes
but first let me introduce myself…
I am Mexican Puertorican married to a Southern Georgia boy and raising our 3 precious boys in Ecuador. How about that for some culture!  I am a missionary, a counselor, an artist and I love to cook.
I wanted to share this project in particular because I love responding to our house guest “It was made from Reynolds wrap” when they ask “Where did you buy that metal mirror?
The full tutuorial is here it only cost $3 and it took me 30min to make. Using basic things I hand at home like Reynolds wrap!
The second project is another easy and affordable project that is great with Christmas around the corner and this chilly winter weather. The details are here for this fabulous

No Sew Ruffled Scarf in 5min seriously only 5 minutos!

The third project is guess? Yup, EASY and AFFORDABLE!
With Wall Decals being such a huge hit right now in home decor I found a $3 way to make it happen in our home. The details are here for using Contact paper to make your own Wall Decals.  My creation: Tree with two Love Birds.
A lot my recipes and craft projects come from these 3 mottos “necessity is the mother of invention”, “Ain’t got no money” and “Too cheap to buy it”

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