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Hi, I’m Christie Daugherty and I’m passionate about sharing creativity with others. I teach paper crafting, digital design and quilting classes in my studio and online.
Blogging is a way to communicate with so many others that you aren’t able to connect with in person! It doesn’t matter where you are or who you know.…you just “connect” when you have something in common.
Blogging is an outlet for me to share my creations, share creations of friends and colleagues, favorite family moments, tutorials, videos, and more…
Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts with you from my blog. This first one is from my daughters 9th birthday party. She dreamed up the theme “Diva Sleepover Campout”.
 Every “Diva” needs cute drink cups…
cute lanterns.…
And a fabulous “Diva” cake, right?
Did you notice the red head? She looks just like my little Paisley.
Click here to see the full posts.
I have another post to share in hopes to get you excited about the upcoming holiday season.
Do you ever wonder what to do with paper scraps? Toss them? No! Make Christmas gift tags.
Here are some tags I designed using my scraps.
You can see more details here.
Speaking of Christmas…here’s an idea of something you can make for gifts this year… Fabric flowers!
Flowers are all the rage right now. Wouldn’t you love to learn how to make flowers that can be worn on a scarf, hat, sweater, bag or headband? What else would you add a flower to?
To learn more about how to make these flowers view this link.
I have one more link to show you on how to make another style of flower.
Wouldn’t it be great on a winter coat? See how to make this one here.
Hopefully one or more of these posts have inspired you in one way or another.
Thanks for taking a peek into my blogging world!
Christie Daugherty

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    Gracias, es genial!

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    Absolutely love that cake. Not sure if I could cut into that work of art!

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    I wanted to inquire about sponsorship but wasnt able to email you.…xoxo

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