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{floral friday #41 — guest post}

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely reader, Patty.
She told me how much she enjoys reading my weekly {floral friday} posts
and how much she would like to share her
knowledge about flowers on my blog with you.
Please welcome Patty, as she is taking over my blog today. :)




The Ability of Flowers to Help One’s Creativity to Float Freely


Whether someone is purchasing blooms for themselves or sending flowers to a friend or relative, having flowers indoors is always special. Receiving flowers at home, at the office or in the hospital is meaningful and decorating with flowers is easy. They represent love, life, hope and joy. Bouquets come with messages from loved ones and with natural beauty for indoor decor, and people can receive flowers by post and display them as simply and creatively as separating one or more blooms from the arrangement into a vase tied with a bow.



Flowers are Inspirations and Expressions
Flowers have been gathered through the centuries of time and carried from fields and gardens into dwellings to cheer the home. Carrying inside a bit of nature, people used their creativity and tied strips of cloth around small bouquets to hand to mothers and those who were sick. They found that placing the flowers in water helped them stay fresh and not wilt as rapidly as when they had no water to hydrate them. Soon people realized that they could dry fresh flowers and the flowers would retain their shape and some of their color for indoor decorations that last longer. Flowers in art and interior decor have their place in human history.



Certainly, flowers have not lost their charm through the years. Looking at a lovely flower inspires calm. While certain messages and meanings are associated with flowers, flowers are exquisite and meaningful even if none of the common symbolic themes are known or recalled. People can use flowers to express their own creativity as well as a message and gift to a loved one. Those who receive flowers can appreciate the encouragement that comes with fresh blooms and try innovative ways to display them on their table, shelf or window sill.

The ways people use their imagination with flowers is limitless. Each blossom is a natural work of art and there are no wrong methods of show and appreciation. People can receive flowers by post and enjoy the way that someone else has arranged them in a vase or bowl or they can take a single rose and place it in a tall champagne bottle for a stunning combination. No one should be intimidated at the thought of arranging flowers because they are a medium that looks lovely however it is applied.



Studying flowers can inspire and get the creativity flowing freely. Sometimes the appearance of the flower can speak to the heart and give inspiration on how to incorporate it in a decoration or bouquet. Each individual flower has its personality and personal style. Taking time to understand the flower will bring ideas to mind of whether to keep its long stem or clip it short and place it in a clear glass bowl of water to rest like a water lily. Its color will suggest tying in other flowers and greenery to enhance its individual look.


Creativity and Flowers
Flowers do have a moving effect on people of all ages, and young and old can use their imagination to display blooms creatively. While artists use their knowledge of balance and angles when arranging a bouquet, anyone can place flowers in a group using the inspiration inside their hearts and minds. Since there is no wrong way to decorate with flowers, people can just have fun, be delighted with the individual blossoms and please themselves with the loveliness of nature expressed in each flower face.



Sending flowers can be an inventive way of giving love and friendship, and receiving them can be the highlight of a special day. The flower arrangements sent by professional florists are artistic and gorgeous. People can leave flowers just as they come to admire them placed in their indoor space. They can also spread the joy around by separating blooms into jars, cups and bottles about the house for home-style flower decor. Flowers bring out the artist in everyone, and the success that comes from showing them simply in a saucer or cup is remarkable. Flowers from a hothouse are personally selected by floral experts for quality and long lasting blooms so people can place them on exhibit as their hearts desire.



About the Author
Patricia Hall works part-time for a florist and flower delivery but loves to surround herself with flowers at any given point of time. Even in her free time she loves to involve herself with everything flora and fauna.
‘To me there is nothing more beautiful and global as the language of flowers — it is the easiest to understand all around the world in the same way. That is one reason why I truly admire flowers for what they represent in some ways — unity of all mankind!’


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  • Reply
    Diana Kos
    Friday January 6th, 2012 at 09:40 PM

    Lovely post! I really love the roses in the urn. I am of that mind that flowers can ALWAYS make me feel better. xo Diana

  • Reply
    Sinea Pies
    Saturday January 7th, 2012 at 09:36 PM

    I have found flowers to be a great “clutter prevention” tool. Really! If you clean up a table that attracts clutter and put a beautiful vase of flowers in the middle, I dare anybody to be the first one to add their stuff! They just know better. :)

  • Reply
    Sunday January 8th, 2012 at 08:14 PM

    this is beautiful I was thinking I’d like to start adding fresh flowers to my life!

  • Reply
    Patricia Hall
    Monday January 9th, 2012 at 08:24 AM

    It is really great that you like the post. And Marissa — you should definitely add fresh flowers to your life. They make a wonderful change to your environment and they make you feel even more comfortable with what surrounds you.

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