{floral friday #50}

Welcome to this week's {floral friday}!
I found this beauty at the flower market about 2 weeks ago and I couldn't walk past without getting a few stems. The buds reminded me of roses and the beautiful blooms of tulips. What a versatile flower! ;)

A few facts about the lisianthus:

  • The lisianthus is also often called Texas Bluebell, Prairie Gentian or Eustoma.
  • The botanical name Eustoma comes from the Greek eu, meaning “good,” and stoma, meaning “mouth,” referring to the beautiful petals and throat. {source}
  • Lisianthus are found in warm regions of the southern United States, Mexico, Caribbean and northern South America. {source}
  • The lisianthus has a long vase life. (I kept them for about two weeks)
  • Colors include white, light and dark pink, lavender and deep purple.

I'm partying here! ♥

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  1. Very fine pictures again, Vanessa!! Those close ups are very Beautiful!

  2. Texas Bluebell in Germany? What a great spark of back-home!

  3. absolutely gorgeous!

  4. How beautiful! Does it have a strong fragrance like a rose?

  5. They are so lovely!

  6. Beautiful pictures. :-)

  7. Great shots and information.
    Thanks Gisela.

  8. I really enjoy these post I always learn something new:) Your a wonderful photographer!

  9. what a beautiful flower! are they related to carnations by any chance? I have to wholeheartedly agree with Deana, you are a superb photographer.

  10. thanks for joining weekend flowers with this beautiful pics :)

  11. I love all your flower pictures. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Fabulous Friday.

  12. Just stunning!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  13. Beautiful pictures! (As usual). Thanks for linking up to the Cutesy Monday link party!


  14. What an interesting flower. At first I thought it was a rose, but it’s not. It’s beautiful!

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