{floral friday}

{floral friday #78}

Welcome to this week’s {floral friday}!

The flower I’m sharing today is the Mimosa. What a funny little plant. ;)

Take a look at this video:

source: wikipedia

A few facts about the Mimosa:

  • When it is touched, mimosas fold their leaves instantly.
  • Popular names in English are sensitive plant, bashful mimosa, humble plant, sleeping grass, tickle me, prayer plant, touch-me-not and shameful plant.
  • Mimosa contains mimosine, an alkaloid that is asserted to have medicinal properties. The plant, which has a bitter, astringent taste, is used in India to treat diarrhea and amoebic dysentery. {source}
  • The mimosa plant belongs to the pea family (Fabaceae).
  • The word mimosa comes from the Greek word mimos or “mimic,” referring to the moving leaves that mimic animal’s sensitivity. {source}

I’m partying here! ♥

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    Nana Diana
    Friday November 2nd, 2012 at 01:12 PM

    Well„ How cool is that? I never knew that about the plant. Thanks!!! xo Diana

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