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My heart is pounding and my spine is tingling! Is it from these spooky Halloween projects, or the thrill and honor of guest blogging for Vanessa while she’s in the Lone Star State? Gulp! For me, mostly the latter…thank you Vanessa!
Hi. I’m Christina over at I Gotta Create!  I’m honored to be here to share three simple and highly thrifty projects. You can get the full tutorials by clicking on the title links.

Glow-in-the-dark Raven Lantern:

A long-lasting eerie light from glow-in-the dark stars diffuse through clear marbles in this simple, upcycled glass jar “lantern.” Embellish the lid for a perfect Halloween trick. Then, treat yourself to a year-round night light by changing out the lid for everyday use.

Bewitching Pillows

Achieve a striking mix of the beautiful and the sinister with vintage images printed on computer printer fabric. The velvety texture of the witch’s hat amplifies the disturbing tension of wanting to touch and wanting to run away!

Burlap Halloween Ornaments

These are just plain wacky fun for the Halloween tree! Vintage movie and book posters form the inspiration for a series of ornaments. Each one gets its own curtain call close-up over at the tutorial.
Hop on over and visit I Gotta Create!  I’m passionate about creativity of all sorts, and curious about what moves us to create.

My gratitude to Vanessa for this opportunity to share! <3 Christina

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