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{guest post: pampered by tammie}

Howdy, Hidey, Ho to Everyone!
I am Tammie from Pampered by Tammie.
I am the wife of a super-terrific husband and I have two great children.
I’m a very OCD type of person :) and that drives my hubby crazy :)
As for my passions in life, well I’m all about my faith, my scrapbooking,
my crafts, and of course my AVON!!
Oh, and it’s kinda a secret, but I am also a closet ‘Law and Order’ fanantic.
There can never be too many reruns to keep me happy!

Let me just say -
I am super excited to be here at {nifty thrifty things} today!!
Is Vanessa just not the coolest?
I’m so addicted to her site!
I love how she always has something DIFFERENT to share with us.
Not that I can even compare to her cool-ness, but I’ll give it a stab today.
I’d like to share with you a few tips & tutes from over at my site that you
might love to try out … or at least find interesting :)
What you need to know first is that I LOVE my Silhouette machine!
This thing has saved my butt so many times … as when I had to make
this birthday giftfor my twin cousins in a short period of time.
… or this gift for my cutie-patootie niece.
I forgot to mention above that I’m also all about educational gifts.
I love me some games and fun ways of teaching things!!
Another time my Silhouette came to the rescue
was when I had to figure out a way to track the chores in our house.
I could never seem to find a chore chart I liked … until THIS!
And truth be told it’s still being used today.  We love it.
BUT, I’m not just about the Silhouette.
I also love some random fun things, too!
As in making this breakfast for my family.
I called it “Locust and Wild Honey” yummies!
Don’t they just look like little creepy crawlies on the pan :)
or this yummy summer treat where we shaked our booty while we made ice-cream :)
and even more random was the most recent day
when we had us a Purple People Eater Day!
Yeah, I’ll all about random but fun over at my blog :)
Hey, it works for me :)
And with that being said — what is it that Porky Pig says?
“Thhh-hhh-aaaa-ttttt’s all folks!”
Thanks for taking the time to visit with me today!

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