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Hi Everyone! {or as we say in Texas…Hey Y’all!}
My name is Faith from The Stirring Place and I’m SO thrilled to be guest posting for Vanessa today. Isn’t she fantastic?!
I’m a 20-somethings small-town girl who recently gave up my dream job in the field of psychology/counseling to stay at home. I’m now in the process of rediscovering old passions and finding new ones. I live in the Dallas suburbs with my husband, 2 labs, and a cat. I’m a Martha Stewart wannabe and a lover of all “good things” — fashion, fitness, food, travel, and home.  The Stirring Place is just that…a place where I write about any and everything that stirs me.
Yea, that’s me and the man.
I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts with you today.  We’ll tackle a delicious fall recipe, bedroom redesign, and a quick bookshelf tutorial.
Ready, set, here we go…

My husband loves ALL things pumpkin so now that it’s finally fall I’m trying to incorporate it in as many recipes as possible.

Since one of his favorite cookies is the snickerdoodle, I decided to use my grandma’s recipe (aren’t grandma’s recipes always the best?) to make these homemade cinnamon and sugar treats. Then I stuffed them full of a delicious pumpkin cream cheese (made up my own recipe).

It’s a perfect fall-inspired treat, great for picnics, a late-night splurge, or a terrific party food.

And, if you’re curious, David LOVED them!  We argue about the best way to eat them though: I prefer to dip the cookies in the cream cheese (or just gobble them without anything) but he loved the sandwich.

We also used the left over pumpkin cream cheese on bagels or as a fruit dip. There are so many possibilities!

This is definitely one of my favorite fall recipes!!


When we first bought our house our master bedroom was the color of puke green. It had no character, no charm; no nothing.  We neglected it for a few years until I got sick and tired of it.  I realized that not having a tranquil bedroom space really was taking a huge toll on us.  We needed to spend time making this room a beautiful but peaceful space for BOTH of us.
And it was so worth it.
(Keepin it real with the Chick-fil-A cup and two sleeping dogs)
Gray is my favorite color. I love the deep neutral hues in this particular shade from Martha Stewart. It changes the mood and feeling of our room throughout the day…but I’ll tell you when I love this room most: rainy days. It is so cozy and warm. David and I never want to leave.
I think the key to any good design is layering.  This bedroom is no different. Take the bed for example, we have a plush goose down duvet with a white cover as our base textile. Then I added the ikat quilt on top for some interest and punch {I also change it up with another solid or subtly patterned quilt at whim}.  Then I added some geometric accent pillows to help balance the dark and light, soft and bold of the space.
We couldn’t be more thrilled with how it all turned out. It’s definitely a space for him and her…and that’s exactly what we wanted.
I was looking for some inexpensive storage for my office. We were on a tight budget and I just wasn’t finding anything I liked.  I began thinking about ways I could make a cheap shelving unit look more custom…
I found this shower curtain on sale at Target and immediately knew what I was going to do.  A staple gun and about 30 minutes of effort yielded the results I’d been looking for…

Not too bad for a $30 project.
Thanks so much Vanessa for letting me share a few of my stirrings with your readers. I hope you all are inspired to go out and create beauty wherever you may be!

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  • Reply
    Erin @ His and Hers
    Wednesday November 16th, 2011 at 11:08 PM

    Ahh! I’ve never seen Faith’s bedroom! (That sounds weird…but I’ve been reading her blog for a while now. It just seems unnatural, like I should know every square inch of her house by now. Which…also sounds weird.) I love Faith and her creativity and her hilarious blog. :)

  • Reply
    Gwen @ The Bold Abode
    Wednesday November 16th, 2011 at 11:35 PM

    Now, that’s what I wanted my bedroom to look like…well…it didn’t turn out that way…sigh…

  • Reply
    Katie @ Paisley Print Shoes
    Thursday November 17th, 2011 at 05:34 AM

    I LOVE FAITH’S BEDROOM!!! AUGH!!!! What a lovely post — so glad I stopped over here!

  • Reply
    Tabitha Lynn
    Friday November 18th, 2011 at 07:50 PM

    Your blog looks so cute.

    Going to follow!


  • Reply
    Monday November 21st, 2011 at 02:07 AM

    New follower here! I LOVE this room re-do :) We recently redid our master bedroom too! See here:

    Love your blog and excited for updates!


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